MORU - Specialty Coffee Roaster

Yesterday, we visited our partners at MORU Roasters - a local roaster with tremendous range and knowledge. Being a private office and coworking space with extreme attention to detail, we picked a coffee partner with the same mentality, quality and attention to detail.

We met Kenneth Ruterbories and and Scott Mowrey, who were busy with a cupping session and small batch roasting. While Scott was perfecting the roast, Kenneth was doing a tasting with local partners of theirs. 

After seeing the process of coffee, from ripe bean to caffeinated nectar, Kenneth took me to their front room, and explained their build out plan for Q2 of 2019. They are officially adding an Espresso tasting station, Cupping room, and class room for best possible education of future roasters and coffee shop owners.

In addition to being the home of MORU Roasters, and future coffee education, they have also set up a Roaster Share, and have groups of coffee enthusiasts come to roast beans using their facilities. 

With the high quality, extreme knowledge, serviced minded, and shared services mentality of MORU, they are the perfect partners for us at They are who we can be proud to share with our members, insuring the best possible coffee experience.